Monday, January 15, 2018

Who is Hammad Safi ? Youngest Pakistani professor full biography

Welcome to Shangla valley Pakistan largest mountains area.

Who is Pakistan youngest Professor Hammad Safi total biography
Very talented boys Hammad Safi also the youngest Teacher and blogger

1) Name: Hamaad Safi
2) Age: 10 years
3) Qualification: 5th Class
4) Belong from: Mohmand agency
5) Current Place: Peshawar City
6) Role: Youngest Analyst role
7) Job title: Media anchor Afghan Television Islamabad Pakistan
8) Motivational speaker ( Colleges, University, School)
9) Head of super kid program University of spoken English
10) Youngest blogger
11) youngest graphics designer
12) youngest video animates on Fiverr
13) said expert ( sun tech agree company)
14) youngest Socail worker
15) Youngest Peace embassador

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