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You Changed My Life

(Their Name)
Since Meeting You My Life Has Changed
Words Alone Can Not Explain,
No Longer Am I Lonely
No Longer Am I Scared
Failing Miserably,
With No One To Care
Gone Are Tears Of Frustration Once Shed
Now In Happiness I Am Being Led
I Guess Sweetheart What I Am Trying To Say
Is That I Love You In So Many Ways
And I Want To Be With You
Untill My Last Day Is Spent
Happy And Growing
In Everlasting Content
I Will Always Love You,
(Your Name)
written by: Teresa Shelton Bright
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Love Everlasting
(Their Name)
Things in life happen
When you are not even looking
Love seems to come
When we don’t even care
When life seems so helpless
And filled with despair
You wake up each morning
Dazed and confused
Just thinking about the past
Lonely and used
But in pain and sorrow
Is when God seems to listen
He gives you an angel
To make you smile and glisten
Now I have found a solid foundation
A friend, a lover, everlasting elation
Love forever,
(Your Name)
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For All You Are
(Their Name)
You Have Touched My Life
In Many Special Ways
Through Your Gentle Understanding
And The Thoughtfulness
You Have Shown
Your Wisdom,
And Knowledge Of Matters
With This Life Has Helped Me
To See Things
From A Different Point Of View
You Have Helped To Make Our Family
What It Is Today... With High Morals
Strong Values, And Togetherness
For All These Things, Past And Present...
And For The Things
I Never Knew You Did...

I Thank You... And I Love You...
(Your Name)
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For A Special Person
(Their Name)
Your smile is one of warmth and love
For you are a very special person
When I needed arms to hug me
You held them open to me
And made me feel secure and safe
you do the small things
That mean so much,
And for this, I thank you
God smiled on me
By giving you to me
Did I ever tell you
How much I love you
For I think of you with such
Fond thoughts and memories
Thinking of you,
(Their Name)
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Loving You Is Easy

(Their Name)
You Are The Man Of My Dreams
With You Beside Me
I Can Do Anything
Even When The Road Is Far
Your Love And Devotion
Seem Never To Tire
Loving You Comes Easy
How Else Can It Be
God Sent An Angel
To Fall In Love With Me
Forever Yours,
(Your Name)
Author:  Teresa Shelton Bright
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You Are The Reason
(Their Name)
I Remember When We First Met
And The Strong Love That Has
Grown Between Us Since Then
How Full, Yet Short,
The Years Have Been
A Large Reason For This
Is Because Of You
And Your Kind And Giving Ways
You Have Made Us A Home,
Warm With Joy
Which Only A Family Can Bring
You Have Stood By Me
In The Good And The Bad
The Smiles And The Tears
I Love You With A Love
That Goes Beyond What I Can Express
Thank You So Much
For Being My Friend
My Love And My Wife/Husband!
Love Always,
(Your Name)
author:  Teresa Shelton Bright
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Into Your Loving Arms

(Their Name)

How Can I Write Into Words
How You Make Me Feel?
Past Wrought And Troubled Emotions
You Got Into My Heart To Heal
You Took A Lonely Frightened Girl
Into Your Loving Arms
And Brought Her To Womanhood
With Your Wondrous, Caring Charms
You Helped Me Forget
My Wretched Past
And Gave Me A Future
I Know Will Last
So, I Hope You Know
When On My Knees I Kneel
I Am Thanking God
For A Love That Is Real
Thank You For Loving Me,
(Your Name)
author: Teresa Shelton Bright
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To Love Again

(Their Name)

Dreams I have had for so many years
Were trapped inside by thoughts and fears
Always afraid to love again
Afraid that love would sorrows begin
But since we have met
And I have held you tight
Those fears that entrapped me
Had drifted away through the night
Your love has given me a new direction
Of many things with future reflections
No longer afraid
Of what tomorrow would bring
With you beside me
I can conquer anything
So, thank you....
From the bottom of my heart
For bringing me laughter,
Sunshine and smiles
A new beginning, a fresh new start

Lovingly Yours,
(Your Name)

author: Teresa Shelton Bright
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Let Me Love You
Let Me Cleanse Your Heart
From All Doubts And Fears
Let Me Hold You Gently
And Wipe Away Your Tears
Let Me Turn
All Dreads Of Yesterday
To A Brighter Tomorrow
And Hope Along The Way
That Guides You Through The Night
Let Me Share My Wings Of Love
And Take You On A Lifetime Flight
Let Me Be Your Shelter
From Raging Storms
Let Me Hold And Keep You
Safely Cradled In My Arms
I Love You,
(Your Name)
author:  Teresa Shelton Bright
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The Reason For Our Love
The Reason For Our Love
Is Certainly You
I Love Who You Are,
I Love All That You Do
You’re Such A Kind,
Wonderful Person
With Your Own Unique Style
Your Charm And Your Love Make
Life Worthwhile
You’re My Best Friend
And My Lover Too
You Are My Husband/Wife...
I’ll Always Love You
Forever Yours,
(Your Name)
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Always On My Mind
(Their Name)
I went to sleep last night
With you on my mind
When I awoke this morning
My thoughts were still thine
Your kisses are much sweeter
Than fine vintage wine
I want the world to know
My heart is yours to bind
I’ve heard of climbing a mountain
And searching for angels divine
But I’d drown in a love fountain
If you refused to be mine
Forever in love with you,
(Your Name)
author: Teresa Shelton Bright
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Forever, My Love
(Their Name)
Last night I watched you sleeping
I wondered how can this be?
God sent an angel
To fall in love with me
Past wrought and troubled emotions
You got into my heart to heal
Now, before God and man
I humbly kneel
I promise to cherish you
‘Til my life is through
Even then my love won’t end
To you through eternity
My love I will send
Forever belonging to you,
(Your Name)
written by: Teresa Shelton Bright
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My Angel
(Their Name)
You are an Angel
Who gave up her wings
To love a mere mortal
Instead of greater things
You are a sweet treasure
That I like to be near
Your love is my pleasure
None other do I hold dear
You are a whispering breeze
Blowing gently on my mind
For you my precious love
My heart is yours to bind
Loving you always,
(Your Name)

this poem was written by Teresa Shelton Bright
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My Angel

(Their Name)
Last Night
I Watched You Sleeping
I Wondered
How Can This Be?
God Gave An Angel
As A Gift To Me

Forever Yours,
Your Name

Written by:  Teresa Shelton Bright
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(Their Name)
A lighthouse is a bright light
That shows the way
You have been my light
No one can out shine you
Now and forever,
(Your Name)
author: Teresa Shelton Bright
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Love and Years
(Their Name)
I just want to let you know
That you will always be
A very special person
Who means the world to me
From the first, so long ago
Until this very day
You’ve only grown more lovely
With your tender touch of gray
You take the time to listen
To what I have to say
Which means so very much
In this world of dismay
And even though some lines
Have come across your face
To me they’ve added character
In each and every place
I see you standing firm in a world
That is changing fast
To me you are the link between
My future and my past
The years will come and go
And I know things will change
But the memories I have of you
In my heart will always remain
I Love you,
(Your Name)
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My Rose
(Their Name)
Your inner beauty
Outshines the most
Beautiful rose
In the garden
Of life you are my
Enchanting rose
Loving you still,
(Your Name)
written by: Teresa Shelton Bright
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I Like To Think of You
(Their Name)
I like to hold a thought of you close to me…
In a special place where I can pull it out
To bring a touch of cheer to my day!
I like to think about all the things you’ve
Done to show that you care, and the many
Ways you have of turning a nice time into
A wonderful occasion
I like to think of you…
Because you’re one of those people
Who really helps to make my world
A richer and a happier place
I love you,
(Your Name)
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I Love You
(Their Name)
How can my heart be so filled with love
And still have the strength to beat
How can my eyes see such beauty
And tears of joy… not weep
How can my arms hold someone so precious
And not be thankful every day
How can I stop loving you
There is no way
Sweetheart, what I am trying to say
Is that I love you more and more
With each passing day
Forever yours,
(Your Name)
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My Wish
(Their Name)
Loving you is like
Wishing on a star
And having
That wish come true
For ever yours,
(Your Name)
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Our Love
(Their Name)
Years have come and gone
And seasons they have changed
But your love for me
Has always remained the same
Through good times and bad
Sometimes your love was all I had
And to me it’s the most precious gift
That I could ever receive
Having you to walk with me
Through Heaven’s eternity
I love you so much
I feel secure in your arms
Knowing you and Jesus
Are keeping me safe from
Life’s harm
I love you,
(Your Name)
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A Special Person
(Their Name)
Beautiful eyes, a tender heart
And a smile that’s very sweet
Before you came into my life
It was so incomplete
You always make me happy
You make my world go ‘round
In anything we do together
Joy is sure to be found

I just want you to know
And hope that you can see
You’re a very precious person
That God has shared with me
Love Always,
(Your Name)
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A Wonderful Husband
(Their Name)
Honey, do you realize
How much you mean to me?
You give of yourself so much
And so unselfishly
You care and share
And are always there
Whenever I am in need.
I just want you to remember
What a wonderful husband
You are to me
I am very thankful for
The way you are
As I realize it is the only
Way you could be
I just want you to remember
I respect you so greatly
And I thank you
For being the greatest man
In the world in every way
I will always love you,
(Your Name)
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Touch of Two Hands
(Their Name)
Who would have thought
A simple touch of two hands
Could start a fire to grow
And bring into our hearts
The greatest love we’ll ever know
We’ve shared hugs and kisses
A lot of laughs and sometimes tears
But most of all we share a love
That will last throughout the years
Now I want the world to know
That my heart will always follow
Wherever you may go

Loving you always,
(Your Name)
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Whispers of Love
(Their Name)

When the wind blows gently
I can hear your whispers of love
When the warm dawn rays
Caress my skin
I fall in love all over again
When the sky sparkles
With each day anew
I smile and tenderly think of you
You have helped me through so much
With words of wisdom
And a soft easy touch
Your strength has been there
As I walk life’s daily path
I hope our times together
Will be many, many more
Let our love and friendship
Spread wings of devotion…
… and forever soar
(Your Name)
author: Jessica Star Farmer
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I’m Glad There’s You
(Their Name)
I’m glad there’s you to smile at me
And brighten up my day,
To share my thoughts and understand
The things I do and say.
I’m glad there’s you to laugh with me
At ordinary things,
To show me what is special,
In everything life brings.
I’m glad there’s you to be with,
And I think it’s time you knew,
Just how happy you have made me
And how glad I am there’s you
(Your Name)
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Journey of Love
(Their Name)

Everyday that passes
I feel that I love you more
I feel thankful for the times
We spend together
I know and feel that you are
My prefect companion
And friend
And I’d choose you again…
And again…
And again!
Naturally we have difficult moments
But I would not give up even these
Because it’s a part
Of the journey of love
That we’ve been on
I want to travel by your side…
Because I Love You,
(Your Name)
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(Their Name)

If I had a wish
And had that wish
Come true
It would be to spend
More time with you
(Your Name)
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Love Sings A Song
(Their Name)
Love songs sung softly
By sweet voices of gold
Thoughts of a poet
Through his poem gently told
Both speak of love
That through the years has grown
Both tell of two hearts
Reaping joy that they have sown
Hope paints a picture
That grows sweeter with the years
Love sing a song
That comforts all your fears
Through commitment and trust
And tender sweet care
The vintage of our love
Is God’s gift we now share
Love always,
(Your Name)
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I Need You
I need the peace of your love
After fighting chaos all day
I need the gentleness of your touch
To chase my fears away
No matter what tomorrow may bring
A dark cloud or starry night
My heart will soar on magical wings
Your smile keep my life in flight
With love and thankfulness,
(Your Name)
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My Pledge
(Their Name)
Because our relationship is based
On mutual honesty and communication…
Because I like the way you
Treat me with respect…
Because we don’t need to play games
Or test each other…
Because I feel happy and lucky
To have found you…
Because my wish for you is that
We spend the rest of our lives together…
Because I respect you,
Appreciate you,
And most of all,
I love you…
(Your Name)
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Once In A Lifetime
(Their Name)
You meet someone wonderful
Once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime
Your dreams all come true
And live from then on
Can be nothing but special
My Once in a Lifetime is you!
I love you,
(Your Name)
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Real Love
(Their Name)
Every time I think of you
I feel the intensity
Of loving you
Like you could never imagine.
What I want more than anything
Is to hold you in my arms
And tell you how much I love you.
Don’t ever doubt my love for you
Because it is as real today
As it was the day
We first began to share a love.
(Your Name)
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Someone Who Cares
(Their Name)
When someone knows your weakness
But loves you anyway
And they will always be there for you
Each and every day
When someone will stop and listen
When you are feeling low
When someone cares so very much,
So much to let you go
When someone is willing to do without
So your life is complete
And they will give your courage
When you have faced defeat
When someone is this special,
You know they are from above
And there is a place within your heart
Filled with special love
Thank you for everything
I hope these words convey
The love I feel for you
Each and every day
I Love You,
(Their Name)
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In Love With You

I was reaching for a star
When I fell in love with you
It was impossible to believe
That you could love me too!
I feel very lucky
Although I’m a simple man
To have you walk beside me
Eternally hand in hand
I now pray unto heaven
Lord hear my plea
Keep my wife safe
And forever in love with me
Forever yours,
(Your Name)
written by: Teresa Shelton Bright
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Why I Love You

(Their Name)
I love you for so many reasons
Big and small
And all of them are wonderful.
I love you for all the special qualities
That make you one of a kind…
The only one in the world for me.
I love you for things you do
That bring such special meaning to my life
I love you for the silent times
When your eyes and arms tell me
 All I want to know.
I love you
Just because I do
Because now
In the deepest part of my heart…
A place where there was nothing before
There is love.
I love you because you are you,
(Your Name)
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I Promise
(Their Name)
“I Do”
Promise to always love you
“I Do”
Promise to be faithful
and true

“I DO”
Promise to always
stand beside you
“I Do”
Love being married
to you
Forever Yours,
(Your Name)
written by: Teresa Shelton Bright
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My Beautiful Wife
As I sit and ponder,
reflecting upon my life
My greatest accomplishment
Was making you my wife
Even after all these years
The fire that burns within me
time has not begun to quench
I still daydream
About your lovely, sensual lips
Which makes my senses grow stronger
Each passing day
And to ever live without you
There is no way
You are my beautiful, precious dove
And I hope you know your husband
Is still very much in love
My heart belongs to you,
(Your Name)

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